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Special Podcast: Was Abby’s Concert Actually A Scam?

We start with a listener fun fact for Fun Fact Friday. Lunchbox has a theory that Abby got scammed involving the concert offer she got recently. Bobby gives the full story that we were not aware of.  Abby calls in to talk about the drama that Lunchbox brought up.

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Fri Part 2: Things We Struggle With + Bill Belichick's Girlfriend Thoughts

We admit the normal things that most people can do but we struggle with. Then, we share our thoughts on Bill Belichick's new girlfriend who is much younger than him, and listeners call in to give their opinion and more!

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Fri Part 1: Bobby's Top 5 Dream Interviews + Eddie's Life With New Hair

Bobby shares the top 5 people he would love to do an interview with. Then, Eddie shares an update on how his life is going now that he's got hair and more!

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Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Producer-Marc Ribler

Join your host @TheBuzzKnight with multi-talented musician Marc Ribler.

Marc is a fixture in the New York/New Jersey area known for his own work and known as the musical director for Little Steven Van Zandt and The Disciples of Soul.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions share them at buzz@buzzknightmedia.com

Connect with Buzz on Twitter @TheBuzzKnight and Instagram @takinawalkpodcast

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25W: Bobby's Unforgettable Night in France + Fantasy Football Expert Faraz Siddiqi + Eddie's Friendship Level with Bobby in Question

After spending the last few days in France, Bobby tells an unreal story about being at the same event as multiple A list sports celebrities in one night. Plus, fantasy football expert, Faraz Siddiqi joins Bobby to preview this upcoming season, who his top 5 picks would be, and much more! And Bobby questions Eddie's level of friendship to him after Eddie doesn't invite him to an event. 


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Thurs Post Show (6-20-24)

Amy talked to Chris Lane about why he won’t eat Cheetos anymore. We check back in on Amy on how she feels about ruining Suits and her new punishment that she gives herself.  Bobby talks about the early days of The Raging Idiots with Justin The Suit. Bobby talks more about work sending him to France and the companies he met with and the famous people he saw.

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Thurs Part 2: Brantley Gilbert Is In Studio + Bobby's Abroad Trip!

Brantley Gilbert is in the studio and admits the awkward way he found out his wife was pregnant; talks about new music he's working on and more! Then, Bobby tells us about his trip abroad and the artist he's a huge fan of that he ran into at the airport and more!

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Thurs Part 1: Amy Spoiled a TV Show + Topics We Could Give Presentations On

A listener called into the show to inform us that Amy spoiled a TV Show for them, and they think she should be punished for it! Plus, we share the topics we're so informed on that we could give a presentation about it and more!

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It's Not Too Late: 4 Ways to Reach Your 2024 Goals

Join Amy and her niece Adelyn (ep. 3 of 4) as they bust out their journals and read off goals that they wrote for the year such as making the bed every morning, being more spontaneous, traveling, having more faces around the house, being a good friend, and camping! 

In an effort to reach some of their goals (being that we are halfway through the year) they share 4 practical steps we can all do to achieve our goals (per Harvard Business Review.) 

Adelyn also talks about doing Mel Robbins’ “Make 2024 Your Best Year” workbook with her mom earlier in the year, and she shares some of the questions you can ask yourself to make it a good year!

HOST: Amy Brown // RadioAmy.com // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Adelyn Dozier // @adelynedozier

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