Amy's Pile: Krispy Kreme Launching National Donut Delivery

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. Faces Shareholder Lawsuits

Krispy Kreme is finally making dreams come true. Since they blessed the earth with their delicious donuts, people had to go in to their shops to actually get their hands on them. The company never offered delivery, until now.

Starting February 29th, AKA leap day, the company's fresh donuts can be delivered to households across the nation. The only catch is that you have to be near one of the 350 U.S. locations and, as most cases of delivery go, have to be 10 miles from a shop. On-demand service Doordash will deliver the donuts. You can get delivery for donuts over a dozen, along with boxed coffee. There is a $4.99 delivery fee from most locations. Orders can be placed on the Krispy Kreme app or website.

And as usual, pickup is still available without any fees. But if you're looking for convenience when it comes to the delicious donuts, you now have the option.

Photo: Getty Images

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