Bear Grylls Shares The Hardest Episode He's Ever Filmed

Bear Grylls is known for many things, but definitely to many as an adventurer. His show Running Wild With Bear Grylls is wildly popular and Bobby Bones was a guest recently and his episode airs tonight (January 14).

Ahead of the episode airing, Grylls called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his adventures and filming. He shared that he's been traveling so many peoples for their National Geographic show and Amazon Prime Series.

Grylls confessed that one of the hardest episodes of Running Wild With Bear Grylls was the first one with Will Ferrell. He said that in those days they were still learning and didn't know the best ways to do things. Ferrell was with Grylls for 5 days in extremely cold weather, both of which they try to avoid doing now.

Bones made sure to ask Grylls, who is known for his incredible resources of survival, about the health benefits of drinking your own urine. Grylls said the only way drinking your own urine is ok for survival is if you're really hydrated. If you are, it can genuinely save your life, but he continued... "don't do it at home."

Some know that Grylls was in a parachute accident when he was in the Army, and had to spent a lot of time in rehabilitation. He says he got really lucky because he should have died or been paralyzed, but that didn't happen. So because of that, Grylls isn't stopping his adventures.

Tonight, Bones episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls airs on National Geographic at 10/9 central and Grylls says that "Bobby should be really proud of himself."

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