Randoms-Ingredients to Happy Workplace, Top Causes of Couples Arguments

No one answers their phone anymore …Remember when people used to answer their phones? When people were even excited to answer the phone? Yeah, those days are over. With more and more spam and robocalls, the rise of texting over calling, and, of course, voicemail, seems people rarely pick up – often even when it’s someone they know. (The Atlantic)

  • How often do you answer the phone? How often do you actually talk to people on the phone?

Planning a wedding? Don’t skimp on the open bar. A new survey found that 61% of respondents said the ideal wedding has to have an open bar. (SWNS)

What is the biggest cause of arguments between couples? Here’s a hint: It’s not cheating, doing chores or even finances. According to a new study from Oakland University in Michigan, the biggest source of conflict in relationships is a partner not showing enough love and affection. Here are the Top 10 causes of disagreement in romantic relationships:

  1. Not showing enough love or affection
  2. Lack of communication
  3. One not paying enough attention to the other
  4. Not being appreciated
  5. Feelings
  6. Jealousy
  7. Talking to an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend
  8. Being possessive
  9. Past relationships
  10. Whose friends we hang around more (Daily Mail)

Workplace harmony …A new study found that, according to employees, among the key ingredients to a happy workplace are valuing employees over profits, workers being trusted to do their job and be creative, and a gossip-free office. Here are the Top 10 Ingredients for a Positive Workplace Culture:

  1. An encouraging atmosphere
  2. Strong leadership
  3. Somewhere that values employees as much as profit
  4. Empowering all staff to make a difference no matter what their role is
  5. Hard-working colleagues
  6. Understanding bosses
  7. Being trusting
  8. Space to be creative
  9. Space to be reflective
  10. Lack of gossip (SWNS)

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