The Bottom Line: Here’s the breakdown on which changes in your breasts are NBD and when you need to see a doctor.

We don’t think much about our breasts from day to day, but when something seems “odd” it can make us panic. So to put you at ease, these are the changes that are completely normal, as well as the times you should talk to your doctor.

Your breasts are lumpy - Some of us just have lumpy tatas, which is harmless. The thing to watch out for is changes. And even if you feel a new lump, Surgical oncologist Dr. Susan Hoover cautions that you shouldn’t panic. Just feel yours regularly so you notice when something feels different.

You have sore breasts - Some women experience soreness near that time of the month, others get it related to caffeine or a bra that doesn’t fit properly. In rare cases, sore breasts could be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer, but there are usually other symptoms that come with that, like breast swelling and puckered skin - like an orange.

You have bumps on your breasts - Most of the time, these are a skin issue, like a sebaceous cyst, not a breast issue. If you see bumps around your nipple - known as Montgomery’s glands - those are totally normal. But if you see scaliness, redness, and itchiness on your nipple or breast, tell your doc - it could be a sign of a rare kind of breast cancer called Paget’s disease.

One breast is bigger than the other - According to Dr. Jennifer Wider, this is so common more than half of women have one boob bigger than the other. But if you notice one is suddenly bigger than the other, talk to your doctor. Asymmetry could be a sign of breast cancer because a mass could make one larger, but experts say you’d probably be able to feel a lump if that was the case.

You have stretch marks on your breasts - These are just a “very common” part of life, sister.

You have some skin tone variation - Stuff like hormones, sun exposure, and even some medications can cause your breast’s skin tone to change. If you’re concerned, check with your doctor. It’s probably nothing, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Source: Fox News

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