Chris Janson Calls Blake Shelton A' Real Friend'

Chris Janson's newest album, 'Real Friends', is here!

Chris released his newest collection of songs on Oct. 18th, and shared with Cody Alan that this album is his "all-time favorite" record that he has ever created.

"I was more comfortable making this album than I have ever been when making an album before," shared Chris as he retold the story of making this album in his home. "I don't have a vocal booth or anything. There's no fancy padding on the wall. We just captured the real thing. The whole album was made unlike any other album is made."

Featured on the 'Real Friends' album is a track also titled "Real Friends." It holds a special place for Chris because he was able to record it with his friend, Blake Shelton. Chris and Blake share the same record label, Warner Music Nashville, which coincidently is the catalyst for their longtime friendship.

"How did this come together with Blake?" asked Cody referring to their duet song "Real Friends" featured on the album.

"I just asked. I was going to pitch him the song, honestly for his album, but I loved it for me too. It was a win-win. I thought it sounded like Blake, and what's the worst that could happen? He could say no, right?" laughs Chris. "I didn't think he would say no. I thought he would say yes from the beginning, and I spoke it and believed it, and we just made the ask."

Chris was right! Blake said yes and made the time in his busy schedule to record with his pal.

"It was a really interesting process having headphones on listening to find ways to mold our voices together," shared the "Good Vibes" singer. "It just sounded like we were supposed to do it together, and it sounded awesome. I'm so thankful for Blake making the time to do it. He is a real friend, and this is just a testament to friendship."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.