Pregnant Woman Smashes Restaurant Window After They Ran Out Of Beef Patties

New York City police are looking for a pregnant woman who smashed the windows a Bronx restaurant because she was angry they did not have any more beef patties. An employee told the woman, who is a regular at Back Home Restaurant that she would need to wait about 15 minutes while they made fresh ones. The woman was not happy she had to wait and stormed out.

A little while later, she returned with a metal baseball bat. She started smashing the windows and front door of the restaurant. Police released surveillance camera video of the incident in hopes of identifying her. At one point a passerby walked by and tried to stop her but realized it was futile and walked away, narrowly avoiding being struck by the bat.

The owner of the restaurant, Simone Johnson, said that the woman caused around $2,000 worth of damage.

"We thought it was gunshots or something like that; there was glass shattered everywhere," Johnson told the PIX11. "We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we’ve never seen anything like this. Never."