Salinas Police Officer Caught Parking In Handicapped While Grabbing Lunch

A Salinas police officer is under investigation after pictures of his police vehicle parked in a handicapped while grabbing lunch at a local eatery. The picture showed up on social media Wednesday morning and is causing a stir.  

Dep. Chief Dave Shaw issued this statement on behalf of the department:

"I want to assure the public that we take this matter seriously, and that we hold each other to the standard of setting an example of respect for the law."

"This is not acceptable for any non-handicapped person to do, and certainly not acceptable for a Salinas Police Officer to do unless it's part of an emergency response. We have started an Internal Affairs inquiry into this incident. Once that's concluded, we'll determine what the consequences will be.

KION 5/46 will have more on this developing story.


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