Nick Cash

Start with a DULL knife!

Alligators are FASTER on land!

Don't talk into the mic and WIN!

Game Over!

The worst New Years Eve countdown.

Tesla car predicts accident!

Just Because!

Nick Cash

Nick Cash started in radio at a small town Country station when he was only 16. He has left radio twice to be a professional athlete (looking at him...we don't believe him either). He played Professional Jai-alai for 3 years and then came back to radio. Then he became a professional Golfer overseeing a large Country Club in Florida for 4 years. He came BACK to radio again and here is where he is staying. (Unless there is an opening in Professional Bull Fighting). Nick's radio career has taken him to many cities in Florida, he has also done radio in Tennessee, twice. He lived in Austin, TX, Bakersfield, CA, & Reno, NV. Nick claims that one time when he was visiting a friend in New York City that they snuck onto the set of the David Letterman Show. He even says he got to meet Dave!


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