1.  The highest scoring word you can play on the first turn in Scrabble is . . . muzjiks.  That's a word for Russian peasants and will earn 128 points.  Of course, you'd have to randomly start with those exact seven letters, so it'll probably never happen.



2.  Children in Armenia are required to learn chess in school.  It's the only country in the world where chess class is mandatory.



3.  More than 18,400 people have been relocated with the U.S. federal witness protection program . . . and not a single one of them has been hunted down by criminals and killed or hurt.



4.  Not having friends is really bad for you.  In terms of the impact on your health, having zero friends is like smoking 15 cigarettes a day.



5.  It's illegal to reincarnate in China without government permission.




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