A relationship coach is using the word "Menglish" to describe the way men communicate.

Ladies if you want to have a less frustrating conversation with the man in your life it's important that you brush up on your Menglish.


Here are 10 steps to understanding this foreign language.


1. Don't expect your man to multitask. Be patient and don't bring up a serious topic while he's working on something else.
2. Remember the 30 second rule. This means after asking a question wait 30 seconds for him to answer because men typically have to think a bit about their feelings before they can communicate.
3. Men are problem solvers. When you tell him about your bad day he'll probably try to solve all of your issues for you instead of just saying "that sucks" and letting you vent.
4. Men have limited capacity for detail. If you give every detail from your day men tend to lose patience with your story because they are fact oriented and are trying to figure out what your point is.
5. Don't expect your man to magically know what you need. If you know what it is you're looking for you need to communicate that directly instead of dropping what you think are obvious hints.
6. Men thrive on appreciation. Even if it doesn't totally meet your expectations be sure to show your man that you appreciate his efforts.
7. Men are providers. Tell him how he provides for you and how it makes you feel and he will react positively to that encouragement.
8. Men need you to be receptive. Let your man surprise you and dote on you and do things for you. When you don't let him do these things he thinks you're pushing him away.
9. Men want to make you happy. Trust him and allow him to provide the things that will make you feel good.
10. Confidence is the number one quality a man looks for in a woman. Be confident in who you are and know that a man is finding that attractive.