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(Yahoo!) - Keith Urban has taken it off! 

The 46-year-old country crooner appears to have chopped off the long locks that he's sported for more than a decade. The "American Idol" judge made the big reveal on Instagram Tuesday by posting a shot of the new 'do from the back and a view of all the hair he'd left behind in the stylist's chair.

"Snow ain't the only thing falling in Nashville today!! -KU," he captioned the latter pic.

Urban's lucky lady, his wife of seven years, Nicole Kidman, has made it clear that she's interested in a lot more than his hair. In November 2012, she gushed in Harper's Bazaar that Urban helped her "find her sexuality" and she's been candid about the fact that he helped pull her out of a depression after divorcing Tom Cruise.

Surely, the Oscar-winning actress is a fan of Urban's new style. Let's hope so, because he's not really the type to wear a cowboy hat … 

Do you think he'll ever grow it back out? More importantly, do you think he should?