(Yahoo!) - Paula Deen just can't seem to catch a break with the tabloids.

Once again, the National Enquirer is going after the former Food Network star and her marriage to tugboat captain Michael Groover.

The tabloid claims that Paula's relationship is "reportedly on the rocks after she confronted her husband of nine years about his alleged cheating." A source in their report claims the disgraced Southern chef, 66, "went on a warpath" after learning that Michael, 57, has a mistress.

"She had an explosive argument with Michael that ended with him storming out of the house," the source added.

The Enquirer included details from their source that the woman "entertained her lover once a week for more than a year at her Wilmington Island home [in Georgia], and on occasion they went out for drinks," and that "it was no secret they were having an affair."

However, a source close to the Deen family, who reside in Savannah, Georgia, was quick to clear up the rumors.

"The story is not true," the insider tells "Entertainment Tonight." "Paula and her husband Michael have never been closer and Michael adores her."

It's not the first time that the Enquirer has tried to stir up trouble in Deen's marriage. Back in April, they wrote abouthow her "Saggy Skin Sparks War With Hubby," in June theywrote about her "Marriage Meltdown," and in July they wrote about her "$17M Divorce Nightmare."

So, it certainly seems like the Enquirer has a bit of a vendetta against her. One thing's for sure though — despite those earlier reports, the couple has stayed together to weather the storm.

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